There are very few things that can ruin my productive mornings but one of the most annoying ones is the java updater. To make things worse, it usually installs the Ask Jeeves Toolbar that I zero personal interest in adding to my systems.

As many people, I usually fall on the trap of pressing next, next, NEXT only to regret it a few seconds later when I actually understand what I’ve just did.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible if your machine breaks or stops working when you follow these steps. It worked for me.

Not anymore. The steps to joyful mornings are:

  • Create a new text file name java_no_more_ask_toolbar.reg
  • Copy and paste the following text:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  • Double click on that file.

If you know what the windows registry is, you can actually just add this values yourself by typing regedit.exe in the command line.